Sarah Witt is a French author and photographer born in 1993. She discovered photography through her family's analog cameras and learnt about film photography and darkroom techniques as an autodidact. Summer 2015, she worked as an air hostess and started taking pictures from all the different countries she was flying. Her first images were inspired by the many places she discovered and people met on the way. 

She graduated in international relations and after 5 years working in Paris, she decided to dedicate her time to photography in 2020. Since then, she collaborates with brands while keeping her artistic vision with the use of film photography. She creates imagery across the genres of fashion, still life, portrait and sport photography. 

Her work has been presented at different exhibitions in France : at Espace Voltaire (Paris), gallery Hors Cadre (Biarritz), gallery La Taille de mon âme (Biarritz), and gallery Poltred (Lyon).  In 2021, she started working as a photojournalist. She collaborates with press media such as Le Monde, Sphères, Zadig and Vice. She currently works on the subject of  women emancipation through sport and recently joined Elles font la culture where she is engaged to reduce gender inequality in photography. She actually lives and work from Biarritz, France. 



+33 6 82 34 48 17

Based in Biarritz, France

Expositions individuelles :

- La Vague, Colors of Surfing, Biarritz, 2020
- La Vague, Galerie Poltred, Lyon, 2020
- A Day in Siargao, Les Matins Blancs, Paris, 2019
- A Day in Siargao, Le Local, Biarritz, 2019
- Voyage à deux, Le Troisième Café, Paris, 2019
- Invitation au Voyage, Le Hasard Ludique, Paris, 2018

Expositions collectives :

- Hans Lucas x Polka Factory, Galerie Polka, Paris, 2023
- Le Sport dans l'objectif des photographes femmes, Le Consulat, Paris, 2022 (membre du jury)
- Analog Sport Festival, Espace Voltaire, Paris, 2021
- Comme en plein jour, Galerie Hors Cadre, Biarritz 2021
- La Vague, Galerie La Taille de Mon Âme, 2021
- Caras Cubanas et Colors of India, Galerie Poltred, Lyon, 2019

Clients : 

Hopaal. Anne Millois Cosmétiques. Hôtel Grana Bnb. Havah Yoga Collective. Aloa Bibi. Vans. Billabong Women. Tajine Banane. American Vintage. Business and Pleasure. Attention Paillettes. Atelier Gaeïa. Decathlon. Tribord Sailing. Alma Lua Label. Retreats Collective. Nouvelle Vague Vin. Paris 2024. 

Press : 

Le Monde, Le Figaro, Marianne, Zadig le mag, Sphères magazine, Santé magazine, Vice, Wavelength Surf Magazine. 

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